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Global Whisky(e)y 100 BETA RELEASE

December 16, 2007

The year end is approaching so today we published the Beta Release of the Global Whisk(e)y 100 of leading brand based on online conversations. Why a Beta Release? 2007 is not quite complete, more conversations on whisk(e)y may still be authored and we are expanding the range of words being tracked from those in the Scotch Whisky 100 Index and we have some more testing to do on those.

These Indexes are focused on conversations authored mainly in English/American English language. People in many countries publish their blog postings in these languages but not all. This means we are experimenting with expanding the key words to include popularly used positive words e.g. good in America maybe called, awesome. In other countries other words will be appropriate.

Comparing the Global 100 to the Scotch Whisky 100 we have 28 non Scotch brands entering the index, with the Canadian brand charting highest at no. 9.

It is also interesting to look at the top ten brands. In the Global 100, some of the Scotch Whisky Brands have changed order. Indicating the expanded keywords is attracting positive scoring for some brands more the others. Country analysis is something we get asked for. We are working on the analysis to address just that question.

Feedback in welcome on the Global Whisk(e)y 100.

The finalised Global Whisk(e)y 100 will be published in the New Year.


Scoring a brand

November 27, 2007

A brand contains a lot of information. The brand message can then be communicated in many forms with words being at the heart of many of the campaigns/channels. The brand words are chosen by the owner of the brand. The brand however is consumed or experienced by an individual. Increasingly people are authoring stories about their brand experience online and it would be interesting to know how well these two sets of vocabularies compare?

That is a question the mepath marketplace can help answer as we strive to Connect Conversations. Enter the brand words used in your brand literature and the tools within the marketplace will score the brand message against the conversations online. How/what to score? It’s striking a balance between: the volume of conversations v the quality contained within those conversations. We have decided that balance for the Scotch Whisky 100, soon the marketplace will be opened up for these decisions to be chosen by the user.

Laphroaig tops first Scotch Whisky 100

November 20, 2007

Today, launched the Scotch Whisky 100 Index, the most comprehensive online survey of opinions expressed in discussions, forums, social networks and blogs.There are lots of online conversations about whisky brands, but which are talked about the most, and in what context? The Scotch Whisky 100 Index lists the top one hundred brands talked about online. Congratulations to Laphroaig for topping the founding index.

What does topping the brand score Index mean? The index scores a brand based on the idea of ‘conversations in context’. Thousands of conversations and comments have been analysed, with the words used in these conversations receiving a positive or negative rating. When a brand is mentioned in the context of such a conversation online, a score is calculated based on the words and phrases used and the frequency they occur.

The index will be published monthly, with the next Index being released in December 2007.

WhiskyLive Glasgow

November 5, 2007

I attended WhiskyLive Glasgow on Friday and Saturday to start the conversation with the whisky brand owners about the new services we are working on here at We are greatly enthused by the interest shown and I extend a thank you to all that I talked to during the two days for your feedback and time. We will be in touch soon.