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January ’08 Commentary: Scotch Whisky 100

February 10, 2008
Another Islay whisky tops Scotch Whisky 100, well done to Lagavulin.

Macallan keeps steady in the top 5 with Laphroaig re-joining at no.2.

Fettercairn makes a surprise top 5 placing.

Further commentary:

Whyte & Mackay brands of The Dalmore and Fettercairn make the top 5. Fettercairn could be seen as a surprise brand inclusion. Last month it was Tobermory inclusion in the top 5 that produced a few comments which we thank you for. With Tobermory it was not mentioned that many times in blogs but when it did, it scored high. Fettercairn is different, it is scoring real high on number of mentions and when it is mentioned in context, it score really well too. Be interesting to know why the online community has sparked such interest?

The volatility of movement in the top 30 is less marked than Decembers index. We still have new entries with Highland Park and Speyside Distillers. These two brands present a challenge: both the words, Highland and Speyside are used in a much wider context than a bottle of whisky, i.e. regions of Scotland or referring to the Scottish mountains etc. For the Scotch Whisky 100 we want to score these two brands words on their whisky context and this month we have included them as we apply a new scoring technique to our service.

Positive Scoring of a brand:

We score brands on the frequency they appear online and score them on the context they appear. The scoring is based upon these following words coming up in context of a whisky brand:



These words are: words to name whisky, whisky regions and positive words to do with the whisky experience.

We are building a more sophisticated scoring model, if you have ideas on that please get in touch. Also, remember the Scotch Whisky 100 is deigned to give an industry wide, consistent view of whisky conversations. The scoring words can be personalized for each brand, we have done that and for that service we offer a paying service.


Whisky Countries

January 15, 2008

Which country is talked most about in the context of Whisky?  According to our analysis, Scotland unsurprisingly tops the list.  With our Celtic cousins, Ireland coming in second place.

You can view the full Whisky Countries Analysis BETA on our site.

lifestyle linking whisky BETA

January 14, 2008

Lifestyle linking is the vision behind What is lifestyle linking whisky BETA? The chart scores what lifestyles are being lived while individuals are telling their stories about whisky. Our BETA index does not contain all lifestyles, but we selected a list of social, sporting and past-times to illustrate.


Festival goers top the lifestyle list with music at no.3

There is lots to read on the Internet and reading completes the top three, coming in a no.2

The full Lifestyle Linking Whisky is still in BETA and is based upon 2007 online conversations.

A couple of surprises, Football and Rugby do not make the top 10. This could be that football conversations take place in specialist forums. We shall see if that is the case as we expand the volume of conversations analysed.

Whisky Styles

December 13, 2007

We’ve just published an analysis of the Scotch Whisky Styles for December online.  These are very unsurprising, conversations around malts dominate online.

Scotch Regions Commentary

December 13, 2007

With two Islay Scotch brands topping the Scotch Whisky 100 Index two months in a row, would this mean the region of Islay be top of the Scotch Region chart?

The answer is no. Highland region tops the chart with Islay coming in a strong second place with Speyside coming in just behind, to take third place.

The regions are being scored on the same keywords used to compile the Scotch Whisky 100.

December Commentary: Scotch Whisky 100

December 10, 2007


A new brand tops the chart, Bowmore.

Highest new entry straight in at no.2 is Tobermory.

The Edrington Groups, Macallan and Famous Grouse make strong moves up to enter the top 5.

There were 21 new entries in the top 100.

Why did these movements take place?

This can be explained by asking two further questions, which are also the two most popular feedback questions we receive:

1. What online sources of conversations are being analysed?

2. What words are being used to score the brands?

Lets start with Q1. What online sources of conversations are being analysed? Thousands of new conversations have been added since the Novembers index. The range of conversations covered in December are on a much broader front, Novembers data had a high percentage of specialist whisky forum pages. This may explain why the Famous Grouse and Chivas brands that scored lowly in November are charting much higher in December.

The inclusion of new conversation sources may also explain why 20% of the Index was made up of new brand entrants in December.

Quesitons 2. What words are being used to score the brands? has chosen the words and they are the same words used in November.

Starting in January 2008 we will provide an overview of the data sources used in creating the Scotch Whisky 100.

Feedback is welcomed on the Scotch Whisky 100.

Bowmore moves +3 to top Scotch Whisky 100 December

December 10, 2007

The December Scotch Whisky 100 has just been published.  Congratulations to Bowmore for taking the top spot this month.

A full commentary on the Index will follow soon.

The Scotch Whisky 100 tracks over 280 Scotch Whisky brands.  If you do not see your brand listed in November or Decembers please tell us and we will check to see if it is included in our database.

Laphroaig tops first Scotch Whisky 100

November 20, 2007

Today, launched the Scotch Whisky 100 Index, the most comprehensive online survey of opinions expressed in discussions, forums, social networks and blogs.There are lots of online conversations about whisky brands, but which are talked about the most, and in what context? The Scotch Whisky 100 Index lists the top one hundred brands talked about online. Congratulations to Laphroaig for topping the founding index.

What does topping the brand score Index mean? The index scores a brand based on the idea of ‘conversations in context’. Thousands of conversations and comments have been analysed, with the words used in these conversations receiving a positive or negative rating. When a brand is mentioned in the context of such a conversation online, a score is calculated based on the words and phrases used and the frequency they occur.

The index will be published monthly, with the next Index being released in December 2007.