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Satisfaction power to the individual

September 17, 2007

I was lucky enough to be at web2.0OPEN in San Francisco earlier this year to listen to the enthusiastic co-founders of the startup, Satisfaction talk about their new concept in customer service. The website in now launched and it is right inline with the co-founders words, “people power Satisfaction customer service”.

The site provides a place for individuals and business to have an open conversation. Individuals can help other individuals to submit or answer questions or to find other people that will support the compliant or positive feedback point. From an individual’s point of view, we now have one place to go to manage multiple relationships with the businesses we use. Business, especially smaller business have a low (nil) cost solution to engage with their customers.
Crowd sourcing is the generic term used to describe concept of individuals self helping/supporting each other. Business, especially big business, have crowd sourced their employees to deliver their product or service. Now, sites like Satisfaction allow individual to ‘find their employee(peers) to solve or power their voice’.