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lifestyle linking whisky BETA

January 14, 2008

Lifestyle linking is the vision behind What is lifestyle linking whisky BETA? The chart scores what lifestyles are being lived while individuals are telling their stories about whisky. Our BETA index does not contain all lifestyles, but we selected a list of social, sporting and past-times to illustrate.


Festival goers top the lifestyle list with music at no.3

There is lots to read on the Internet and reading completes the top three, coming in a no.2

The full Lifestyle Linking Whisky is still in BETA and is based upon 2007 online conversations.

A couple of surprises, Football and Rugby do not make the top 10. This could be that football conversations take place in specialist forums. We shall see if that is the case as we expand the volume of conversations analysed.


Setting expectations for

March 6, 2007 is open. Thank you to those that have signed up and had a look. After listening to the feedback I thought I should write this posting to set some expectations for what you can do/ or use mepath for? What you can do with right now is that you can create a lifestyle story, that has three parts, create a goal, decisions and outcomes. You can add tag words to knit together relevant goals and decisions and links. This requires a bit of user education to get, that barrier is high right now and we are working on making that easier. Based on your tag words you can link through to the same tag words on four other websites, youtube, flickr, and technoranti. We have applied no ‘smarts’ to this process but we are working on doing that.

To summerise, the open is at a real early stage but your feedback at this early stage is allowing us to develop the service base upon your demands.


An introduction to alpha,

February 2, 2007

In preparation for the beta sign-up opening of I have made this introductory video to explain the mepath basics.  I hope you find it useful.