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identitywork 2007 Privacy empowerment to VRM

May 17, 2007

Thank you to the identity community that came together at the Internet Identity Workshop 2007A in Mountain View this week.  I took great energy from being in the company of others that seek to empower individuals.  I led a session on the idea of a meContract.  The feedback was great and it looks like there are lots of existing thinking and work to be shared in this area, what is required now is to give individuals the opportunity to achieve that empowerment.  We look forward to making that opportunity happen.



April 9, 2007

We want to share the idea of a meContract. This will allow those individuals that choose to sign up to in the future to tell the service the terms and conditions that you want to use the service under. This will have an limited scope as we learn, hopefully together how this meContract can be used. One way to demonstrate individual empowerment is for individuals to have a mechanism to tell a business, in this case that you are using the service and that all the data that you enter into the website is owned by the individual. We seek your feedback on the concept of a meContract.