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lifestyle linking whisky BETA

January 14, 2008

Lifestyle linking is the vision behind What is lifestyle linking whisky BETA? The chart scores what lifestyles are being lived while individuals are telling their stories about whisky. Our BETA index does not contain all lifestyles, but we selected a list of social, sporting and past-times to illustrate.


Festival goers top the lifestyle list with music at no.3

There is lots to read on the Internet and reading completes the top three, coming in a no.2

The full Lifestyle Linking Whisky is still in BETA and is based upon 2007 online conversations.

A couple of surprises, Football and Rugby do not make the top 10. This could be that football conversations take place in specialist forums. We shall see if that is the case as we expand the volume of conversations analysed.


Listening to individuals, the new market research

October 3, 2007

Traditional market research asks questions of individuals. We get stopped on the street, the telephone rings and a delivery of post/mail at your door will know doubt include a survey. But what topic is the survey on? It’s not going to be of our choosing, and the questions asked on the survey are asked to serve the needs of the business issuing the survey. We may have some feedback we would like to express, if that random topic that crosses our path is of interest but this current market research medium fails to allow us to express our thoughts.

Online market research has started by enabling those surveys to be popped up, to our surprise at best or usually annoyance. The placing of the surveys and questions may be more in context, so we could call that progress. However, market researching online can be done in a different way: listening to individuals.

Large numbers of us individuals are using a range of authoring tools to express our thoughts, feedback, view, opinions: blogging, socialnetworks, pictures, tagging etc. All this information will relate to people, services, products, business and organisations. We author this information free, no questions ask of us, the topic chosen by us and the format free to be expressed in text, images, video or voice. Businesses now need the ability to listen and individual the ability to channel there stories to relevant businesses or to find peers (know and unknown) to share with.

Satisfaction power to the individual

September 17, 2007

I was lucky enough to be at web2.0OPEN in San Francisco earlier this year to listen to the enthusiastic co-founders of the startup, Satisfaction talk about their new concept in customer service. The website in now launched and it is right inline with the co-founders words, “people power Satisfaction customer service”.

The site provides a place for individuals and business to have an open conversation. Individuals can help other individuals to submit or answer questions or to find other people that will support the compliant or positive feedback point. From an individual’s point of view, we now have one place to go to manage multiple relationships with the businesses we use. Business, especially smaller business have a low (nil) cost solution to engage with their customers.
Crowd sourcing is the generic term used to describe concept of individuals self helping/supporting each other. Business, especially big business, have crowd sourced their employees to deliver their product or service. Now, sites like Satisfaction allow individual to ‘find their employee(peers) to solve or power their voice’.

Creation conversations

July 13, 2007

The whole economy is about creating stuff, goods and services for people to use, consume, experience etc. The industrial revolution heralding in the economic term, economies of scale based on the mass production of products. At the start society required this injection of volume of production, there were shortages of pretty much all the basics for an individual and their home. However, today for some economies the opposite is now true but the production base keeps pumping out exponentially more volume of products and success is priced in selling all that you can produce. This has created new industries, retailing to on-line ad’s in all their shapes and forms to help in that new game. These are one way conversations bar in large: Production has been made and needs to be sold.

Conversations can be much richer. Products are created because of the demand from one individual, the person with the idea to a person experiencing a negative with an existing product to a new scientific break through that makes new things possible. The internet allows for rich and meaningful conversations to occur through the whole process of creating a product, brand new to evolving an existing one. The mepath marketplace we are working on is focused on creating a supportive environment for such conversations to take place.

democratizing the creation of food

June 1, 2007

We all need to eat.  This food does not magically grow, even if supermarkets tell us buy one, get one free, free does not produce food.  The land, weather, farmers to the cook all contribute to the food on our plate.  I like to say that all of us that eat food are also farmers.  Maybe not hands in the dirt but farmers none the less.  The Internet gives us all the opportunity to connect more closely with our food.


April 9, 2007

We want to share the idea of a meContract. This will allow those individuals that choose to sign up to in the future to tell the service the terms and conditions that you want to use the service under. This will have an limited scope as we learn, hopefully together how this meContract can be used. One way to demonstrate individual empowerment is for individuals to have a mechanism to tell a business, in this case that you are using the service and that all the data that you enter into the website is owned by the individual. We seek your feedback on the concept of a meContract.