Laphroaig tops first Scotch Whisky 100


Today, launched the Scotch Whisky 100 Index, the most comprehensive online survey of opinions expressed in discussions, forums, social networks and blogs.There are lots of online conversations about whisky brands, but which are talked about the most, and in what context? The Scotch Whisky 100 Index lists the top one hundred brands talked about online. Congratulations to Laphroaig for topping the founding index.

What does topping the brand score Index mean? The index scores a brand based on the idea of ‘conversations in context’. Thousands of conversations and comments have been analysed, with the words used in these conversations receiving a positive or negative rating. When a brand is mentioned in the context of such a conversation online, a score is calculated based on the words and phrases used and the frequency they occur.

The index will be published monthly, with the next Index being released in December 2007.


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