Setting expectations for

by is open. Thank you to those that have signed up and had a look. After listening to the feedback I thought I should write this posting to set some expectations for what you can do/ or use mepath for? What you can do with right now is that you can create a lifestyle story, that has three parts, create a goal, decisions and outcomes. You can add tag words to knit together relevant goals and decisions and links. This requires a bit of user education to get, that barrier is high right now and we are working on making that easier. Based on your tag words you can link through to the same tag words on four other websites, youtube, flickr, and technoranti. We have applied no ‘smarts’ to this process but we are working on doing that.

To summerise, the open is at a real early stage but your feedback at this early stage is allowing us to develop the service base upon your demands.



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