Listening to individuals, the new market research


Traditional market research asks questions of individuals. We get stopped on the street, the telephone rings and a delivery of post/mail at your door will know doubt include a survey. But what topic is the survey on? It’s not going to be of our choosing, and the questions asked on the survey are asked to serve the needs of the business issuing the survey. We may have some feedback we would like to express, if that random topic that crosses our path is of interest but this current market research medium fails to allow us to express our thoughts.

Online market research has started by enabling those surveys to be popped up, to our surprise at best or usually annoyance. The placing of the surveys and questions may be more in context, so we could call that progress. However, market researching online can be done in a different way: listening to individuals.

Large numbers of us individuals are using a range of authoring tools to express our thoughts, feedback, view, opinions: blogging, socialnetworks, pictures, tagging etc. All this information will relate to people, services, products, business and organisations. We author this information free, no questions ask of us, the topic chosen by us and the format free to be expressed in text, images, video or voice. Businesses now need the ability to listen and individual the ability to channel there stories to relevant businesses or to find peers (know and unknown) to share with.


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