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Semantic web summary video

May 11, 2010

This video provides a good introduction to the status, debates and tech behind the semantic web.


TechMeetUp – Aberdeen

October 22, 2009

The University of Aberdeen Department of Computer Science hosted the inaugural TechMeetUp – Aberdeen last night.   People started turning up around 6.30 and tech chat soon started, Physics, NLP researchers, Engineers and those hacking away at private projects in their space time all shared their ideas and work.  Bruce Scharlau from the University had arranged for beer and pizza to arrive around seven and once that was scoffed we headed to Measton 6 lecture hall to listen to a couple of talks, the first by Gavin Maclean of OpenPlanet Software, on OpenCL and the second was on

OpenCL was a new topic to me but I had done some searching on it before hand.  I am sure this is an oversimplication but we all have CPU and Graphics cards in our PC or Mac.  Now these graphics cards can contain many more, quantum more processing power than on the CPU.  However, the whole computer is focused on using the CPU.  OpenCL is a frame work that can be used to tap into graphics card’s processing power.  Gavin told how the CEO of Nvidia sees a future for mobile devices without a CPU.  To finish his presentation Gavin demonstrated a fractal type equation being run in one thread, CPU and OpenCL, the time savings were impressive using openCL.

It was an apt. link to my talk, as every day mepath is creating more demand for processing power.  Here are the slides I presented and a video of the talks are coming soon. Cheers to all those that turned up, asked questions and to those that organized the event.

Video from the event