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wintersports magazine

January 13, 2010

We are in the heart of winter, here in Scotland and I am enjoying clicking through the list of winter sports on mepath.  Great to see lots of other winter sport enthusiasts having fun in the wintry conditions.  One of my free skiing photos even made it on to mepath, I was tickled pink to see that!


Advertisements beta0.7 release LIVE

July 16, 2009 started it’s evolution to a lifestyle magazine user interface today with our before Beta0.7 release.   The home page, opens with five sports where daily photos, videos and blog posts are displayed.  To select a different sport, click on a lifestyle sport.  Don’t see your favorite sport?  Click on the Add/Edit link to select from a range of sports.  If you still can not see the sport you are after, why not use the feedback button located on the right hand side of the screen to tell us the sport that you would like to see listed.

The feedback service is provided by GetSatisfaction .  Not only does it give us, mepath the opportunity to communicate more effectively with users of the website, fellow mepath community members can learn or answer questions, potentially faster than me, the developer of .

Thank you to all those users that have tested our OpenID and Facebook Connect log in pages.  Your feedback has been invaluable and we look forward to receiving more of your feedback.  It’s much appreciated.



text, photo, video lifestlye mashup

April 14, 2009

The activity stream on has expanded to include video.  Each sporty activity stream starts with photos, then video and then a list of blog posts, all are up-dated on 24 hour cycle.  The mashup of content types has made each sport stream more instantly identifiable and while you can go to flickr and youtube to view the same content having it all aggregated in one place provides a convenient way to discover information on a daily basis from the world of sport.

My current favorite streams are the skiing activity stream and the triathlon activity stream.

triathlon activity stream

March 13, 2009

Triathlon is a new-ish sport that consists of three other sports, swimming, cycling and running.  A triathlon is usually run with those sports in the order written.  Being made up of other sports gives mepath both a challenge and opportunity.  The challenge, a triathlete maybe blogging about their swimming and a pure swimmer will also be blogging about swimming.  While a triathlete will have an interest in all swimming the post from  triathlete swimmer maybe more relevant, for example, triathlete have to swim in chopper and usually outside harbours, loch/lakes or rivers etc.  And that is the opportunity we will start to bring to the site, give users the ability to filter blog posts on the context they would ideally like to priorities their reading on.  Of course we call this lifestyle linking. 0.1 release but still before Beta

February 2, 2009

Another lengthy lapse between blog posts, our apologies, all efforts have been going into the 0.1 release of .   It is still real early days so we are keep the before Beta status meaning while the site is open to the public the sites reliability can not be guaranteed.  In fact it is likely to change  most days as those valuable early adopters and friends provide great guiding user feedback.  Be great to get your too.

What can mepath 0.1 do?  If you write about your sporting activities in a blog, if you add that url to mepath it will try and figure out those sports (it looks for 40 sports at present) and presents an activity stream and peer group for them.  An activity stream consists of blogs post from other bloggers right now(other content later) that participate in the same sport(s).  Or you can view sporty activity streams for 40 sports .