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July 16, 2009 started it’s evolution to a lifestyle magazine user interface today with our before Beta0.7 release.   The home page, opens with five sports where daily photos, videos and blog posts are displayed.  To select a different sport, click on a lifestyle sport.  Don’t see your favorite sport?  Click on the Add/Edit link to select from a range of sports.  If you still can not see the sport you are after, why not use the feedback button located on the right hand side of the screen to tell us the sport that you would like to see listed.

The feedback service is provided by GetSatisfaction .  Not only does it give us, mepath the opportunity to communicate more effectively with users of the website, fellow mepath community members can learn or answer questions, potentially faster than me, the developer of .

Thank you to all those users that have tested our OpenID and Facebook Connect log in pages.  Your feedback has been invaluable and we look forward to receiving more of your feedback.  It’s much appreciated.




mepath release 0.15 sigin functionality live

February 21, 2009

Last post we talked about our OpenID implementation as the only way to sign in to and register for  There was very little to do inside then but that has now all changed.  Those wishing to sign in to have all the functionality of the public site plus the ability to add a URL of a blog that you author about your sporty lifestyle or from a blog that you like to read.  Just one URL right now, if you write more than one blog or use a service like  to aggregate your lifestream the plan is to allow you to bring that context of your life into  We are working on this but it will take us time to implement.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

We also introduce the ‘Make’ tab to the site and the back ground color of the screen goes green to indicate this context.  The idea here is to take the ‘me’ context e.g.  me > swimming  and show links to products that can be personalized to your lifestyle needs. 

Feedback on the OpenID signin/register easy of use and the internal functional of would be warmly welcomed.


Cheers for now.