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footprints in the snow – lifestylelinking

February 11, 2010

I am always looking for better ways to explain the ideas behind lifestylelinking.  The other week I was out walking in the snow covered hills and there was lots of footprints in the snow.  At the bottom of the hill the number of footprints were numerous, so numerous they sort of merge into a mass of marks in the snow with bits of unique prints standing out.  As I climbed the breadth of prints narrowed and well into the walk they became so few that you could follow the unique tread marks of the walkers.  Now, I walk for many hours at a time so after a while I was reduced to following just one set of marks in the snow, as it happen, not footprints but those of cross country skier.

Eventually, I diverged from the tracks of the skier but in terms of those out in the hills that day, this skier was ‘lifestyelinking’ with me the tightest.  As I later found it was probably my fiddling friend that had been out the day before.  I thought, at the start of the walk I could not even see the skier marks for the mass of paths in the snow but as I climbed I was linking my walk with fewer individuals but eventually I found my closet hill walking lifestyle match.  The great thing about finding this person is that we can share stories and other experiences.  In this case, I knew the person but most of the time I will not but it is probable that there are lots more stories and experiences to be shared ie. blog posts to read, pictures and videos to view, other places they like to walk or places they travel far and locally.

The snow made ‘lifestylelinking’ possible in this case, the same walk in the summer provides no such obvious footprints, much like our surfing around the web.  However, mepath works to identify the patterns in lifestyles and matching those, I like to think we provide the benefits of the snow online all year round.


wintersports magazine

January 13, 2010

We are in the heart of winter, here in Scotland and I am enjoying clicking through the list of winter sports on mepath.  Great to see lots of other winter sport enthusiasts having fun in the wintry conditions.  One of my free skiing photos even made it on to mepath, I was tickled pink to see that!


mepath in the cloud

January 13, 2010

We are just about there with having mepath hosted in the cloud.  Another 48 hours to resolve our url and then‘s new home will be complete.

TechMeetUp – Aberdeen

October 22, 2009

The University of Aberdeen Department of Computer Science hosted the inaugural TechMeetUp – Aberdeen last night.   People started turning up around 6.30 and tech chat soon started, Physics, NLP researchers, Engineers and those hacking away at private projects in their space time all shared their ideas and work.  Bruce Scharlau from the University had arranged for beer and pizza to arrive around seven and once that was scoffed we headed to Measton 6 lecture hall to listen to a couple of talks, the first by Gavin Maclean of OpenPlanet Software, on OpenCL and the second was on

OpenCL was a new topic to me but I had done some searching on it before hand.  I am sure this is an oversimplication but we all have CPU and Graphics cards in our PC or Mac.  Now these graphics cards can contain many more, quantum more processing power than on the CPU.  However, the whole computer is focused on using the CPU.  OpenCL is a frame work that can be used to tap into graphics card’s processing power.  Gavin told how the CEO of Nvidia sees a future for mobile devices without a CPU.  To finish his presentation Gavin demonstrated a fractal type equation being run in one thread, CPU and OpenCL, the time savings were impressive using openCL.

It was an apt. link to my talk, as every day mepath is creating more demand for processing power.  Here are the slides I presented and a video of the talks are coming soon. Cheers to all those that turned up, asked questions and to those that organized the event.

Video from the event

text, photo, video lifestlye mashup

April 14, 2009

The activity stream on has expanded to include video.  Each sporty activity stream starts with photos, then video and then a list of blog posts, all are up-dated on 24 hour cycle.  The mashup of content types has made each sport stream more instantly identifiable and while you can go to flickr and youtube to view the same content having it all aggregated in one place provides a convenient way to discover information on a daily basis from the world of sport.

My current favorite streams are the skiing activity stream and the triathlon activity stream.

triathlon activity stream

March 13, 2009

Triathlon is a new-ish sport that consists of three other sports, swimming, cycling and running.  A triathlon is usually run with those sports in the order written.  Being made up of other sports gives mepath both a challenge and opportunity.  The challenge, a triathlete maybe blogging about their swimming and a pure swimmer will also be blogging about swimming.  While a triathlete will have an interest in all swimming the post from  triathlete swimmer maybe more relevant, for example, triathlete have to swim in chopper and usually outside harbours, loch/lakes or rivers etc.  And that is the opportunity we will start to bring to the site, give users the ability to filter blog posts on the context they would ideally like to priorities their reading on.  Of course we call this lifestyle linking.

swimming technique

March 6, 2009

My swimming activity stream today brought a post on swimming technique .  What I really find beneficial about this information is that it is authored by a fellow swimmer and in this case a triathlete too.  He sets the background that us fellow master swimmers recognise and the post acts as a reminber on what to concentrate on next time we hit the pool.



skiing activity stream

March 4, 2009

I’m a month or so into viewing the skiing activity stream on mepath.  While skiing is my favored winter sport, it is freeskiing that gets me full of excitement.  Skiing away from a ski resorts, the effort of hiking up to the top and the thrill of skiing virgin snow etc.  The skiing activity stream has provided me with blog posts of fellow enthusiasts.  Not only are there so many skiing opportunities away from the big ski resorts the bloggers also usually document the local guide they know or have found.  And we can all share from the excitement and thrill of viewing the photos and videos posted and posted in context.

Having all the information on tap when planning a vacation must hold great opportunity, location, guide to social activities.


lifestyle linking swimming

February 23, 2009

Swimming is one of my favorite sports and mepath picked that up when I uploaded my blog url to the site.  This means I have two lifestyle feeds to read every day, swimming and open water swimming.  Over the last month I have picked up on the big swimming news stories, Phelps got himself some attention for his non swimming activities and I read about the lady swimming across the Atlantic (BTW, I then read about it again a few days later on the website).  What I have enjoyed the most is the posts from the individual swimmers out their in the blogosphere.  I have picket up a video of freestyle technique and learnt about how popular open water swim meets can be in Taiwan. is running in pre beta mode right now so the volume of post is low but I am looking forward to discovering what else is going  on in the world of swimming as we scale the site and to lifestyle linking me to the best posts.



me & make personalization

February 21, 2009

The ‘me’ and ‘make’  idea is at the heart of  ‘me’ is the lifestyle we choose to live, and that is being captured in an increasingly digital form due to the great range of web2.0 websites, tools and devices.  This is our data, owned by us, it can also work for us in all aspects of our life.    ‘make’ is looking to the future to create personalized products our future lifestyle will use.  The personalization uses the right lifestyle context data to work for us, and work for ‘me’ under our full control.


More on this as we implement more of the ‘me’ and ‘make’ functionality.