open or closed – it is all about data


The question: to be open or not to be open?  The GigaOM blog is going to be exploring this question in a series of blog posts.  The opening post sets out the scope of the debate from the desktop to mobile, servers and on the web.  For each camp both proprietary and open stance business/organisation have ‘leading’ positions. There don’t seem to be clear answer to the opening question.  But what about the questions itself. Is it the ‘biggie’ out there or is there a different way to look at the world now?

Time O’Reilly has already pushed the opensource movement forward to set the agenda to be about open data, as opensource code is sort of meaningless in a web2.0 world.  Upping the debate to the data level is where it is at.  Big ideas are out there like, VRM an idea focused on the individual and their rights and controls over their data.  If there is demand for this vision from individuals then there will be profound implication for all those, be it open or closed in their software, social connection or data freedom stance.


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