footprints in the snow – lifestylelinking


I am always looking for better ways to explain the ideas behind lifestylelinking.  The other week I was out walking in the snow covered hills and there was lots of footprints in the snow.  At the bottom of the hill the number of footprints were numerous, so numerous they sort of merge into a mass of marks in the snow with bits of unique prints standing out.  As I climbed the breadth of prints narrowed and well into the walk they became so few that you could follow the unique tread marks of the walkers.  Now, I walk for many hours at a time so after a while I was reduced to following just one set of marks in the snow, as it happen, not footprints but those of cross country skier.

Eventually, I diverged from the tracks of the skier but in terms of those out in the hills that day, this skier was ‘lifestyelinking’ with me the tightest.  As I later found it was probably my fiddling friend that had been out the day before.  I thought, at the start of the walk I could not even see the skier marks for the mass of paths in the snow but as I climbed I was linking my walk with fewer individuals but eventually I found my closet hill walking lifestyle match.  The great thing about finding this person is that we can share stories and other experiences.  In this case, I knew the person but most of the time I will not but it is probable that there are lots more stories and experiences to be shared ie. blog posts to read, pictures and videos to view, other places they like to walk or places they travel far and locally.

The snow made ‘lifestylelinking’ possible in this case, the same walk in the summer provides no such obvious footprints, much like our surfing around the web.  However, mepath works to identify the patterns in lifestyles and matching those, I like to think we provide the benefits of the snow online all year round.


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