streamtime – demand tools for an attention economy


Adrian Chan has written an insightful post, Activity Streams – Realtime and Streamtime.  Realtime is the talk of the moment but I support his view that this is just one side of the equation.  Streamtime is where an individual’s attention is focused from the world of real time authored information.  Adrian, talks about information and communication as being distinctive but I see communication being information with a flow pattern.  With increasing amounts of realtime authoring, but stuck in the reality of an individual only have one realtime attention then Adrian says, “Social tools to help with the demands of interacting and communicating may be an area still ripe for innovation”.

Here at we are developing a streamtime focused service.  Yes, we need to be plugged into the real time world to deliver the service but the value to an individuals attention is a streamtime full of the best information they demand.


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