Brand Conversations and Volumes sold


The number of cases of whisky a brands sells can be found online.  An interesting comparisons: how many of the top 30 whisky brands based on the volume of cases sold in 2006, appear in the Global Whisk(e)y 100 BETA?

The answer is eight.
Some commentary:

No.1 in sales volumes is Bagpiper and it does not make the Global 100 BETA.  It is listed just outside the top 100.  This brand has a strong regional focus and our analysis does not cover many blogs authored in the languages of India and those that are included are authored in American English. This probably explains it’s lowly charting position.

In reverse, Bowmore tops the list but does not make the top 30 brands based on sales volume.

This is no reason by the top selling brands by volume or total cash sales has to be the most talked about brand in conversations online.  You would tend to think their should be some correlation.  What really matters is that everyone that wants to communicate with a brand has the opportunity to do so. That is the goal mepath has set itself.

NB. Online conversations, while large in number are not the whole universe of individuals views, so we always have to be mindful of that fact. The number of individuals participating online however continues to expand significantly.


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